Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Christmas Card of the day

I'm so proud of myself. I actually finished 3 cards today. Woohoo!!!!!!! Here is the last one.

A card for a new friend

I wanted to keep this card rather simple as it is for a special woman that I met on the support group that I've been going to. She lost her 24 year old son on the same day that I lost my daughter. We've really formed a close friendship over the past 2 months. This is the Christmas card that I did for her. The message on the inside of the card simply reads "Angels are watching over us."

I really hope that she likes it. Oh and if you could spare an extra prayer for her as well, I would appreciate it. Her name is Anita and her sons name is Davey. Thanks for stopping by.

A new card

Ok, I must admit that I am so glad that Thanksgiving is over. The entire family was here for the holidays and I'm glad to get my house back in order. I enjoyed having everyone here as it was somewhat of a distraction but also made me miss Cindy that much more. I guess the one thing that I can say is that I'm thankful for my family and friends who have really been a godsend.

Anyways, here is a new card that I made with the adorable Snewwy. I think this has got to be my absolute favorite stamp. Ok, well next to the adorable Angel stamp that Lisa A generously sent to me. I plan on making cards with that one for the people that were closest to Cindy. Haven't come up with the card idea yet.