Sunday, February 6, 2011

My copic storage unit

I thought I world share some photos of my new storage unit that I I made last night. I,m really pleased with how it turned out. I have to give a huge Thank you to Jennifer for sharing her unit and providing instructions that I could actually understand. lol Here is her unit with instructions if you want them.

I also thought I'd share some new photos of the room that I'm using now as my craft room. I was in a huge room downstairs which was my scraproom. I haven't been able to scrap since I lost my daughter and being down there was too hard for me so I moved into one of the smaller guest rooms upstairs.

The stamp shelf was made by my husband for my birthday a couple of years ago. I love it but need another one. Hmmm...maybe I can get him to do another one this year as only my favorite wood stamps are on there. The rest are stored in drawers.

The case that holds my inks (mostly memento) is an old cassette case that I found at good will. It's the perfect size for my inks.

The unit that is holding my coveted punches is from target. You buy the pieces separately and just stack. What you aren't seeing in the picture is that there is a total of 4 drawers under the shelves and they hold all my supplies.

Oh and the little black thingie (not sure what to call that) is perfect because it's got a bunch of cubbieds that hold mostly new things that need to be put away. Sort of my catch all. It also has a slot in the back that holds 12x12 paper. Love that and I bought that at Hobby Lobby.

In the one picture you can see that I have my maggies on my desk in the plastic cases made for storing clings and clear stamps. I have all of my stamps stored that way and love it but only my maggies make it to the desk. lol

Well thanks for stopping by and letting me share my room with you and a huge shout out to Jennifer for sharing that. You are my hero. lol


  1. LOVE the peek into your fun creative space!! I am so glad that you are able to share your talents again after your very very hard times in life. You have touched my heart..
    big hugs to you.Janiel

  2. You have alot of good storage ideas in your room. your copic holder looks great

  3. Excuse me as I wipe away the drool as I look at your punches! What a neat space you have! Makes me want to organize my stuff...but first the boot has to come off, otherwise I'll just be knocking everything over with it! :D

  4. Wow Julie..great job on your unit. They are really so easy to make aren't they. I love mine and made another unit today for inks, perfect pearls and stickles etc.
    And you are very welcome for the instructions, I am just so glad that I found the one on YouTube that I adapted and was able to pass it on.
    BTW I really love your punch and stamp shelves.

  5. Great job, everything looks so neat and organized. You can come help me anytime!
    Sue S.

  6. Great job making your Copic storage unit! I admire you.
    I agree that you have lots of great ideas for storage and they all work very well. You seem very organized.
    Glad you are back to stamping in your new room.
    Hugs, Candy

  7. I think Jennifer's tutorial of that Copic storage is so cool and love seeing you did one and your great organizing ideas. Thanks for sharing :o)

  8. sorry about your loss but the storage is awesome. I want to make one that will hold my ink pads.

  9. Very impressive organized craft go girl!

  10. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics with us. I am so sorry for your loss and hope the new craft room will bring many hours of happy crafting. hugs Sharon

  11. Hi Julie, It's me again sweetie... Just stopping by with a big thank you for stopping by today with your kind words. I tried to find an email for you and couldn't so I will leave the info here for you..

    The checked papers that I used come from many different paper companies. I buy it in bulk.. LOL... some are Graphic 45, 7 Gypies Making Memories. and yes I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mary Engelbreit she is my hero artist..

    I hope that helps you out sweetie........ big hugs and have a great week... Janiel